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  • Second Saturday Book Club- April 2019

    April 13, 2019 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
    Hares Hyenas

    Welcome to book club!

    On February 16 we will be discussing The Bright Side, Volume One, Dee & Em, by our very own book clubber, A. Francis.

    Hares & Hyenas,
    April 13, 1100 til 1230.
    Content: LGBTiQA+ Author, non queer content.
    YA Comic Fiction.

    Emily Moore keeps to herself. She isn't interested in social niceties, she isn't interested in making friends. But a chance tragedy on the way home from school reunites her with someone she met long ago, someone she barely thought was real...

    This is the first volume of A Francis' webcomic The Bright Side (www.thebrightsidecomic.com), making its print debut. It's the story of the peculiar but close friendship between Emily and Death, as they grow and learn and are forced to challenge everything they think they know.

    Francis will be attending and will be sharing their views on writing, drawing and the novel. They will also be able to take any questions you have about the book.

    Feel free to come along no matter how much of the book you have read, or even if you are just intending to read it.

    Buy it now from Hares & Hyenas for $25 or ask your library to get it in, and join us for an fascinating discussion on January 12.

    No RSVP needed and please feel free to bring a friend. Any questions can be directed to Hares & Hyenas on 9495 6589, or text Jess on 0410 913 631


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