↓ Transcript
Dee: Which one should I try first!?
Emily: Hmm.
Dee: Here, you have some!
Emily: Are you sure?
Dee: Yeah! I'll have what you have.
Emily (picking one out): Oh, ok. Let's try this one!
Dee: Alright. Um... Can - can you describe the basics of chewing to me, in case I get it horribly wrong?
Emily (chewing a piece thoughtfully): Sure. I don't know what could go wrong, but basically... um...
Dee: It's not just opening and closing your teeth, is it?
Emily: Uh, no, you have to grind them a bit, from side to side, and also push the gum around with your tongue... I'm sorry if I'm bad at explaining, but...
Dee: Ok. Let's do this.
(He puts some gum in his mouth and takes a sip of water. He chews experimentally, holding his hands in front of his mouth. Then he gives a thumbs up, smiling. They sit on the ground in front of the graffiti wall, chewing gum together. The graffiti behind them includes a few tags that say JAMBS+, a t-rex with the word LADIES! above its head, some flames, and above it all the MORS CERTA HORA INCERTA is still there.)