More or less ongoing webcomics I read currently:

Gunnerkrigg CourtSleepless DomainThe Golden Boar ♦ Slightly DamnedTiger, TigerVal and Isaac ♦ InhibitQuestionable ContentGodslaveAva’s Demon ♦ The Property of Hate ♦ BrainchildThe Order of the StickxkcdDinosaur ComicsWitchyThe Meek ♦  CrossroadsNamesakeBlindsprings ♦ NecropolisLackadaisyFindChaosLove Me Nice

A selection of completed webcomics I have enjoyed:

Monster Pulse ♦ Hark, A VagrantMare InternumSuperCakesShootAroundEmily Carroll’s comics ♦ Lady of the ShardAlways HumanA Softer WorldHingesHotblood!Stand Still, Stay SilentTripping Over You