↓ Transcript
(Emily is in casual clothing now, playing a video game at the home console. Dee arrives.)
Emily (whispering): Oh! Dee! Good, you're here!
Dee: -SIGH- Such a violent game...
Emily: They're just pixels, geez. I gotta show you what came in the mail today!
Dee: Why, what is it?
Emily: You won't believe it, it's crazy!
(They pass Maddy, Carmine, and Ella in the dining room as they head towards Emily's bedroom.)
Emily (in her room, holding out the letter, no longer whispering):
Read this!
(Dee reads the letter and then bursts out laughing.)
Emily: I know! How weird is it?! I've got no idea who it's from!
Alt text: weird little flash of performative moralism from someone who also has enjoyed a violent video game and will again