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Emily: I'm so lucky Ella and Alan took me. This whole thing's been pretty unfair on them. They'd just gotten married and were trying to have Maddy when the cancer happened, and they got lumped with me. "Oh hey, this will make your grief and pregnancy easier! Have a small child that you didn't really want but can't really refuse!"
(Dee looks at a photo showing Louise in the hospital after giving birth. Ella and Alan are by the bedside and Ella is holding baby Emily.)
Was Ella older or younger?
Emily: Younger. But apparently people often assumed she was older. Mum was pretty wild, I hear.
Dee: Like you, then?
Emily: Haha! No way, I'm tame. Especially compared to my mum. She'd wag class and stuff for no reason. To smoke, mostly. Or just hang out with her friends. She had loads of friends. She was really possible. I think Ella was jealous, even though Mum was always in trouble. I think she got arrested, even. Once or twice.
Dee: They told you that? They told you that? I thought people tried to talk up the dead?
Emily: Yeah, they tried, but I read Mum's diaries.