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(Emily and the girl climb back in through Emily's window.)
Are - are you sure your family won't mind?
Emily: It'll be just fine; anyway your safety is more important.
Girl: I can't believe we all thought you were mean.
Emily: I was mean. But that's not... This is a totally different situation. The guest room is through here...
Girl: Do - Do you think it would wake everyone up if I had a shower? I, um, forgot to have one after training... sorry
Emily: Oh no that's fine! Bathroom's down here - I'll get you a towel.
Girl: Um - sorry, I know I'm asking a lot - but can I borrow - some pyjamas?
Emily: Oh! Of course!
Alt text: You know that thing where people say as like this great compliment 'I trust them with my life'? I've always thought that pretty much anyone, if they were in a position to save someone's life, would do it. Like, even if it was someone you've never really gotten on with and neither of you like each other, I think it would take a lot of hatred for them to actually leave you to die. I feel like the things that really show trust and care are a lot smaller than saving lives, like taking care of you when you're sick, and noticing when you're uncomfortable in a situation and helping you out of it, or listening non-judgmentally to your silly worries. I dunno. That's just my thoughts, maybe I'm too idealistic. Also I recognise that this depends a lot on proximity and to some extent convenience.