↓ Transcript
Dee: I'm not lying? You wanted to fix everything for Maddy so -
Emily: So YOU suggested we take a break so I could clear up my image, which by the way did not require us cutting ties, as you would know from my messages -
Dee: NO, you said you'd had enough of me and I was annoying anyway and not to come back until I truly had to, because you wanted real friends. Human friends.
Emily: Dee! Are you even LISTENING to yourself! This is the kind of crap you were always trying to convince me of. It's not true, and it never has been!
Dee: But I remember you saying it.
Emily: Well, you're wrong, and you're the one who can flit back and check in an instant, so do us all a favour and go see that I'm right.
Alt text: most ridiculous argument in the comic so far y/n?