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Dee: Ok! On we go! Are you sure people aren't staring? What about that person on the bench there?
(Emily looks to see.) Emily: I think she's just people-watching. That man who passed us gave you a look, I think, but I'm pretty sure it's your height and stuff.
Dee: And you don't think that was a wide berth he gave us?
Emily: Not at all! If someone can see two people walking together, they generally won't walk between them.
Dee: Sorry, are these silly questions?
Emily: Nope! Are you feeling calmer now?
Dee: Not really. I'm still terrified.
Emily: Huh. You look... Wait, so in that alley, is that how you've been feeling this whole time?
Alt text: pretty sure he's just staring at you because of your strange appearance! that's fine though right