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Emily (whispering): So... are you ok?
Zoe (speaking normally): Yeah. Did you get in trouble?
Emily (normal too): Ehh, yeah, I've got detention at lunch.
Zoe: Oh.
Emily: Don't worry! Believe it or not, this is only my second ever detention! (Retrieving phone from pocket.)
Really!? That is surprising! Though I guess... have you yelled at many teachers?
Emily: Oh, good point! I dunno! I don't think I got in trouble-trouble any of those times I told maths teachers they were wrong... They never like to admit it, though!
(While speaking, she is typing and sending a message to Zoe on her phone: do u not wanna talk about how ur feeling at all, or just not where anyone might hear?)
Course not, you bloody know-it-all!
Emily: What!? They were wrong!
Zoe: Were they actually, or did you just want to do your own thing instead of what they were teaching?
Emily: Well is it problem-solving or not? Why should I use a bad method? And there was that time in primary school when they told us dividing by zero makes zero, that was definitely wrong. Also is your phone on silent?
Zoe: What?
Emily: I just messaged you.
Zoe: Oh, um, what did you say?
Alt text: anyway don't get me started on maths education