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Emily: Yep! But I've decided now: I'm putting med first, and physics is my backup. Like, I'd like to study physics, but this makes better sense grade-wise. And career-wise.
Dee: And not at all because they discovered the Higgs Boson now?
Emily: That... could be a slight factor too.
Dee: There are plenty of other things to discover.
Emily: Yeah well it's easier to swap from med to science if I change my mind, too.
Dee: That all sounds sensible. Are these degrees the same length?
Emily: Nah science is three and med is like five.
Dee: Hm. I have heard of this thing called a "gap year".
Emily: Oh?
Dee: Have you considered taking one? Would that affect your plans?
Emily: I - uh, no, it wouldn't, but I wasn't planning...? What are you - ?
Dee: Can I show you something? We have to fly there.
Emily: ?????
(They fly to some forested wilderness.)
Alt text: he heard some people at the formal talking about their gap year plans