↓ Transcript
(Emily carries Dee home and into her house.)
Emily: Now, um, can I offer you some creature comforts, or is that... I dunno, perverse?
Dee: ????
Emily: I know nothing I can offer you is remotely on the scale of... that was genocide, again, and... (She shakes her head.) You wanna watch a movie?
Dee: ok
(She places Dee down on the couch in the living room.)
Um, I'm gonna have a cuppa, do you want one?
Dee: Me?
Emily: Holding a warm mug can be soothing, and I'll pick you a nice smell?
Dee: ... ok
(She leaves the room.)
Alt text: Various other family members will arrive sooner or later (sooner, now that they spent so long sitting in the street) but they can join in watching if they want