↓ Transcript
(Playing chess)
Hmm... that's mate in six.
Emily: Damn you saw that!
Dee: Maate.
Emily: Maaaaaaaate!
(View of the sun)
Emily: Hey can we go to the sun?
Dee: No, I don't think we should go closer than Mercury.
Emily: Aw!
Dee: What would you do there?
Emily: I dunno, look at it? Wearing super dark glasses?
Dee: Hm... nah.
Emily: Aw please?
Dee: No, Icarus!
(Emily is lying on her bed, reading, when Dee approaches.)
Dee: Another letter from Markus!
Emily: Aw, cute, another poem. And... ...
Emily (drawing the curtain around her bed niche): Oookay, I'm going to have some alone time now, seeya!
Dee: No worries I'm out!
Alt text: Markus can write a quality letter