↓ Transcript
Emily: Death, if you’re here, please leave this man! He can live, I know it... and I know you’re here, too, I’ve seen you before, so please... please...
Death: You’ve seen me before?
Emily: Holy crap you’re REAL!
Death: Wait, were you bluffing? I’m never quite sure.
Emily: No! Don’t you remember?
Death: Not exactly. I never remember people when they grow up
Emily: Wait! Don’t kill him!
Death: I’m not. Didn’t I give you some sort of metaphor last time?
Emily: Yeah, something about moving house, but-
Death: Ah. One of my better ones. I’ll talk to you later, the people out there don’t know who you’re talking to.
Emily: But will I see you again?
Death: Of course. It’s not like this happens often.
Emily: I guess not...
Alt text: What other metaphors does he give out...?