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Emily (facepalming): Oh, pff... I'm sorry! That didn't sound as bad in my head.
Dee: What were you hoping for, immortality? ...because seriously, don't even ask.
Emily: What? No! I don't want to live forever, I want knowledge. I want to know if there's a heaven or whatever, or a god, or when I'm going to die. But no, you either don't know or won't tell me. The best I get is the news a day early.
Dee: What are you looking for, an apology?
Emily: No, no...
Dee (melodramatically): Good. 'CAUSE I REGRET NOTHING.
Emily: Oh man! I was about to say it's ok because at least I get bragging rights, but I can't even brag because you make me keep you a secret!
Dee: What's there to brag about?
Emily: Oh, you know. It's actually pretty cool, being friends with you.
Dee: ... You're bizarre, Emily.
Emily: What? You are cool.
Dee: I'm sure you're the only one who could possibly think so.
Alt text: All that goth cred... wasted...