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(A panel illustrating a map with a defined route specified, with blockages such as 'road works', 'car crash', 'broken traffic lights', 'traffic jam', and 'fallen tree' preventing a dotted line from deviating from that route.)
If you're going somewhere, and someone tells you where to go and no matter what you do you end up going that way, then that's fate.
(A panel showing the same map but with no blockages or pre-defined route; the dotted line is going a different path from the previous panel, but only one path is marked with this dotted line.)
But if you've got every option open to you, then you can take any of them. But you'll only take one. That's how it is. And you can't take any other one because you'll never take the trip again.
Emily: No going back in time to tell yourself to go the other way?
Dee: Not in my metaphor, no. But if you did, then whichever way you went, you'd have to go back and tell yourself to do that, and at no point would you go another way. Unless you feel like ignoring your future self, but take my advice and don't ever do that.
Emily: Are they ever going to invent time travel for humans?
Dee: I doubt it.
Emily: Then what good is that advice?
Dee: Ha. I don't know. I'm not here to tell you useful stuff, obviously.
Emily (flopping back onto her bed and admiring her new pendant some more): How annoying. ...I somehow thought there'd be more perks to being friends with you, you know?
Dee: Excuse me?