↓ Transcript
Dee: ... me neither, actually.
Emily: ... So, you don't know when I'll die.
Dee: Uh. No.
Emily: But you could find out. You could travel forward and see.
Dee: I could. If I wanted to. But I don't, so.
Emily: What if I wanted to know?
Dee: Too bad. I wouldn't tell you.
Emily: How come?
Dee: Why do you want to know?
Emily: I dunno. If I knew, maybe I could avoid it?
Dee: Didn't we talk about this already? You can't. If it's what happens, it's what happens, and you can't change it.
Emily: What, so I'm fated to die a particular way and I can't do a thing about it?
Dee: It's not fate. But yeah.
Emily: What would you call it if not fate?
Dee: Uh... the way things happen?
Emily: I'd call that fate.
Dee: No!
Emily: What's the difference?
Dee: Isn't fate when the universe operates to some divine agenda? Because I think it's just cause and effect. Maybe.
Emily: I just thought it was when stuff was predetermined. Including cause and effect.
Dee: Oh. Then maybe. But I think of it sort of as a journey.
Emily: Deep.
Dee: Not really.