↓ Transcript
Dee: ... Wait, what? Pierced?
Emily: Uh, I'm getting holes stabbed in my ears so I can wear earrings.
Dee: Huh. So that's how they... Huh. Seems obvious in hindsight.
(Shot of Emily's left ear, which now has three new piercings: one in her lobe, and two in the helix. The other ear is not visible in this panel but is shown in other panels to have two lobe piercings. Also, Emily is now in casual clothes rather than school uniform and they are sitting on her bed.)
Dee: Huh. Did it hurt?
Emily: Nope.
Dee: Oh, good. Because fashion isn't really worth pain, is it?
Emily: Excuse me, I don't do things for fashion, I do them for me. Besides, what do you know about fashion? People do way more horrific things than piercings to look good.
Dee: Really?
Emily: You haven't noticed over the centuries?
Dee: So maybe I'm not very observant. But it's ok, don't enlighten me.
Emily: Speaking of which, my family doesn't seem to have observed my new accessory.
Dee: Oh? They didn't ask where it came from?
Emily: No! And I've been wearing it all afternoon! But hey, where actually did it come from?
Dee: Um, a shop... ...I paid for it, if that's what you mean.
Emily: Yeah, of course, I just meant... is it mundane, or...?
Dee: Oh. Yeah, it's just a normal necklace.
Emily: I still can't believe you got me something. It's so cute.