↓ Transcript
Emily (whispering now they're out of her room): Oh wait! Can I bring my new camera?
Dee: Um, sure. But nobody can see the photos, ok?
Emily (having ducked back into her room): Yeah, of course.
(She returns with a small digital camera which she points at him.)
Emily: Smile!
Emily (looking at the camera screen): Hey! You actually show up!
Dee: Um... didn't you think I would?
Emily: I wasn't sure, no.
Dee: Me neither. I've never had my picture taken.
Emily: Yes! First!
(They go into the front yard of her house.)
Ok, so um... hang on I guess?
Emily: Like this?
(She wraps her arms around his neck and scrambles up into his arms.)
Oh... um... ok then...
(He carries her into the sky.)