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Dee: Why should they?
Emily: Why shouldn't they?
Dee: Because they aren't suicidal.
Emily: I'm not suicidal.
Dee: Exception, my dear, you are an exception.
Emily: I'm sure if you only talked to more people, more people would like you.
Dee: Nope. Too much depends on who they are and how we meet.
Emily: Sure, my mum dying is an ideal way to make friends. And random fatal car crashes. Way better than parties.
Dee (bopping her on the head with the book he was reading): Exactly! It's just you, ya loon!
Emily: Whoa... It's gotta be a year since that guy died. A year! I never even had to be a witness.
Dee: That's crazy. A whole year? That is... so much less of my existence than of yours. God I feel old sometimes.
Emily: Well I was thinking a year was a long time, but... Yeah, you're really old.