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Emily: Wow! Everything?
Dee: Well, yeah. You're not surprised, are you? I have to be able to understand everybody! Not just English-speaking humans. Or Australian-English-speaking humans from the early twenty-first century.
Emily: Yeah, yeah, it makes sense, I just hadn't thought about it much. Hang on, so do you count all the ... um, versions of English as separate? American and British and whatever? Because they're not that different!
Dee: Well they're not exactly different languages, but I'm pretty sure I adapt to each of them separately. Including slang. It's the time period that's more important, though.
Emily: I see. Well, no wonder you don't sound old fashioned at all then.
Dee: Indeed.
Emily: Say something in another language!
Dee: Why?
Emily: Just so I can hear!
Dee: No, then.
Emily: Why?
Dee: Iway on'tday eelfay ikelay itway.
Emily: Not Pigslatin! Say something in a proper language!
Dee: Make me.
Emily: Just say something!
Dee: Something.
Emily: You are so annoying!
Dee: That is my lesser-known duty.
Emily: I'm going to stop talking to you.
Dee: Good. I'll get back to my book.
Emily: Fine.
(They resume their activities in contented silence.)
Alt text: 'Polyglot' and 'psychopomp' are two of my least favourite words for cool things.