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Emily (shrugging): Gods can be slaves, can't they?
Dee: Doesn't matter, because I'm neither. I am Death, nothing more, nothing less.
Emily: I'm sure you qualify as a god. I'm going to look it up. I'll look them both up. Now.
(She gets out the big family dictionary and opens it on the table with a thud.)
Dictionary definition:
/sleiv/ n & v • n. 1 a person who is the legal property of another or others and is bound to absolute obedience, a human chattel. 2 a drudge, a person working very hard. 3 (foll. by of, to) a helpless victim of some dominating influence (slave of fashion, slave to duty)
(The definitions visibly continue but fade out of focus due to being less and less relevant.)
Ok, so you're probably not literally a slave.
Dee: Told you so. Lack of autonomy isn't enough.
Emily (turning to a different part of the dictionary): But I swear you count as a god.
Dictionary definition:
/god/ n. 1a (in many religions) a superhuman being or spirit worshipped as having power over nature, human fortunes, etc.; a deity. b an image, idol, animal or other object worshipped as divine or symbolising a god. 2 (God) (in Christian and other monotheistic religions) the creator and ruler of the universe, the supreme
(Again the less relevant definition fades out.)
There! You are a god!
Dee: No! I'm not!
Emily: You are superhuman, you've been worshipped... Nature and human fortunes! Look no further!
Dee: No, no, no, because I don't have power over it!
Emily: You do so! You have power, just not a choice!
Dee: No, I -
Emily: If you stopped doing your job, people would stop dying, wouldn't they?
Dee: Yes, but -
Emily: That's power!