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Dee: No.
Emily: You are! I never realized that before!
Dee: That's because I'm not.
Emily: No but you are! In Egypt and Greece and those places - you were a god there, weren't you? You would have been Hades - he's the god of death. I don't know about Egyptian -
Dee: No, Hades is more the god of the underworld. Thanatos is the god of death.
Emily: Oh. I didn't know that. OK, so you were Thanatos -
Dee: Sometimes I was Hermes, actually. Or Charon. There were a few... They kept changing their minds, see, about who did what.
Emily: Either way, you were a god.
Dee: No. Sometimes I appeared like one, but I've never been a god.
Emily: How can you not be the god of death?
Dee: Because I am death itself! Not the deity responsible! I am the personification of the concept.
Emily: I think you're a god.
Dee: Make up your mind! Five seconds ago you were saying I was a slave.