↓ Transcript
(They have reached Emily's front fence.)
I doubt I was any good, but people seemed to enjoy themselves. At least, I certainly did. I only stopped because after people moved on from that depiction it seemed a little... insensitive to be so frivolous. Because then they came up with the reaper, see? It's all in the name... they expect you to be grim.
Emily: HA! Now I have this image of you turning up ready to party and people being all, "Geez, have some sensitivity, can't you see I'm going through a rough time here? ah ha ha
Dee: Heh. Yeah, exactly... some people were really offended. But it was great while it was expected.
Emily: I want to see you play the shawm! I don't even know what a shawm is.
Dee: I don't really know how to get it back. It's not a part of this form, and I have no control over which one I take. Unless I went and stole it from myself...
Emily: Yes! Do it!
Dee: Nah... I don't know. Maybe later. But anyway, yeah, it's really not all that bad, being me. I'm sorry if I complain about it, but...
Emily: Dee! complain more!
Dee: No! I don't mind it, really!
Emily (putting down her schoolbag inside the front door): Well, I still think it's lousy. Even if you do get super powers and you're practically a -
Emily (straightening and staring at him with surprise):
OH! You're a god, aren't you?