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Dee: Ok, um... well, it's important, for one thing. Life as we know it couldn't exist without me. I get to see all sorts of things; lots aren't horrific at all. Some are absolutely fantastic. I mean... just being able to observe life, evolving across the cosmos... it's amazing. I wish I could show you. Uh... I can take as much time off as I want, whenever I want, as long as it's all done eventually... And sometimes... well, sometimes my job is just plain fun.
Emily: Really? When?
Dee: Um... well, you know the danse macabre?
Emily: No.
Dee: The dance of death... People used to... They had this idea of me as this kind of Pied Piper, uniting people in this dance... that was fun. That was really fun. Sometimes I even had this... um, it was a shawm, I think, or something like it.
Emily: What's a shawm?
Dee: Like an oboe, but older, I think.
Emily: I thought you couldn't be bothered with a musical instrument.
Dee: Yeah, I can't. I could never play a real one - you need lungs. But that one was different. It was mine.
Emily: So you used to play music and dance when people died?
Dee: Yeah... good times, good times.
Alt text: Good times, great classic hits!