↓ Transcript
Emily: I am.
Dee: No you're not.
Emily: What? Yes I-
Dee (returns, angrily pointing at her): No. You live in a society which puts all sorts of constraints on your behaviour. You are physically incapable of so much more. Maybe you can choose your future to a certain extent, but there's so much of it that's out of your control. Someone could - someone could burn down your house while you're inside and there it all goes, literally up in smoke.
(He storms away again.)
Emily (running to catch up): You don't have to be so bleak!
Dee: Don't be so bleak about me, then.
Emily (holding onto his arm): Oh. Ok. I'm sorry. Tell me the good stuff, then.
Dee: What?
Emily: About your job. Tell me what you like about it.