↓ Transcript
(Emily is at her desk using her laptop; it is evening; Dee appears behind her.)
Emily (without looking round):
Dee: How do you do that?
Emily (looking at him now): What?
Dee: Know that I'm here! You can't see me or hear me or anything, but you often start talking to me without looking.
Emily: Maybe I've been saying 'Hi' every other minute for ages, just in case.
Dee (smiling thoughtfully): Hmm...
Emily (throwing a pencil at him but also smiling): Oh, shut up! As if.
Dee (knocking the pencil aside): But how do you do it? It's not like you can hear me breathing...
Emily: Sometimes there's a little breeze, you know. When you move the air. If it's really quiet.
Dee: But I hadn't displaced anything yet! I was still intangible! I'm never solid immediately, in case something's in the way!
Emily (turning back to whatever she was doing): Oh, well, never mind then. I don't know.