↓ Transcript
Dee: All my memories, all my experience, everything I've ever known or learned... My origins, my very substance... Everything. I can't just... who would I be, if I were alive?
Emily: I don't think you'd be that different. You could just be Dee.
Dee: Dee is just a facet. I'm more than this.
Emily: People change, though. All the time.
Dee: I know. But changing that would be... too big, I think.
Emily: I guess. Like changing gender or something.
Dee: Pff! Bigger than that! Oh, wait, gender's kind of important to you, isn't it?
Emily: What?
Dee: I change gender all the time. It's not something I really care about.
Emily: Oh. Really?
Dee: Yeah. You knew that! Why do you sound surprised!?
Emily: Yeah... I shouldn't be... I just think of you as male all the time. Check mate, by the way.
Dee: Argh! But eh, I suppose you only ever see me like this.
Emily: I wish I could see some of your other forms.
Dee: Yeah, I'd been thinking about finding a way to show you, but there's no way in hell I'm showing you now.
Emily: Aww!