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Dee: ... Emily, I... ...
Emily: Just open it!
(She sits down next to him.)
Emily: Go on!
(Dee lifts up the lid of the box, to reveal a selection of different shaped chewing gum packaging and some loose gumballs.)
This is... chewing gum?
Emily: Yep! Because - because chewing gum's not supposed to be swallowed, see? You just chew it and chuck it out when you're sick of it! So I thought - you can't eat, but you can do that, right? And I wasn't sure which flavours you'd like best so I got a few different kinds. I haven't actually tried them all, myself, so hopefully you like them all. Oh! There's more! You don't have saliva, do you? Saliva's got enzymes in it that start digesting things, but I don't know if that's important for unlocking flavour. We can figure that out. But I'm sure you need some moisture at least, so here's a bottle of water.
(She rummages in her backpack again. Dee was sitting motionless staring at a packet of gum through all of that.)
Alt text: Stop babbling, dearest. Also if you were a decent friend you'd have filled that bottle WITH YOUR OWN SPIT (ew)