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Abe: Yeah, well, that goes without saying.
Angie: I wonder what happened to her real parents.
Brandon: Yeah.
Abe: I bet she was abandoned. No wonder she's such a grump!
Angie: Maybe they're dead.
Abe: Maybe she KILLED them!
Brandon: Look, who really knows? It could be anything. Maybe they're crazy. Or criminals.
Jad: Guys, guys, it's obvious. She's Spiderman.
Abe: Heh! Or Harry Potter, or...
Brandon: Make a list, Abe.
Iris: What even happened to Spiderman's parents? Did they ever explain that?
Angie: No! Three movies and they barely mentioned it!
Markus: It probably comes up in the comic books.
Abe: You should ask her what really happened.
Jad: Yeah! Do it!
Markus: Me? Why me?