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Brandon: How do you know?
Markus: She told me. I said I saw her at the shops with her mum and she said it was her aunt.
Jad: I just figured she was being fostered or something. I thought it made sense.
Abe: What, considering how weird she is?
Angie: That's... judgemental.
Brandon: Heh! Are you sure it's her aunt? She could be lying.
Markus: They look related. I've seen her aunt before. Sometimes she picks Emily up from school.
Abe: You're such a stalker.
Markus: No I'm not! I just happened to get picked up at the same place! Usuall she takes the bus, anyway.
Abe: That doesn't help your case at all, stalker!
Markus: What? Iris takes the same bus!
Iris: Oh! Did I tell you guys about that one time I tried to sit next to her?
Abe: No, what happened?
Iris: Let's just say, now we all know to leave an empty seat there. She doesn't even use it! Most people would put their bag there, but no, she's just a bitch.