↓ Transcript
Dee: No.
Emily: Are you sure? How do you know?
Dee: I... don't. But I'm sure.
Emily: What? Why?
Dee: It just doesn't make sense! NONE of this makes ANY sense! I don't know what to do...
Emily: Just tell me what happened.
Dee: I don't understand...
Emily: What did they say?
Dee: They said... ...they missed me. I'm not in their present. Something terrible has happened to me.
Emily: What!? Like what?
Dee: I DON'T KNOW! Things can't happen to me! I thought I was invincible!
Emily: Oh god! Is it permanent? Are you, um, dead?
Dee: I don't... think so... they were trying to help me, I think. But I just don't know.
Emily: Well you can find out! Follow them to the future, see what's going on!
Dee: No way! Are you insane!?