↓ Transcript
Emily: What!? Are you!? Why the hell wouldn't you?
Dee: Why would I?
Emily: So that you-
Dee: I can't change it.
Emily: Yeah I know but-
Dee: Ignorance is freedom. There's no such thing as possibility, really, only uncertain predictions. Everything either is or is not. It only looks like you have a choice if you don't know what you'll choose.
Emily: But aren't you... curious? Freaking heck, Dee, why would you walk towards some unknown horror with your eyes closed?
Dee: I'd prefer to avoid the dread as I approach.
Emily: You - what! DEE, you're still dreading it!
Dee: But I don't know what to dread. If I don't know, my imagination will fill in, but there's always the possibility that I'm wrong. Either I'll think of worse things, and be relieved by reality, or it'll be worse than I can imagine, so I'll save myself worse dread. Win-win.
Emily: That's the most depressing win-win ever. Dee, are... are you absolutely certain you can't change the future?