↓ Transcript
Jacob: How were you doing that?
Emily: I dunno, but it was fun. Do you want a go?
Carmine: Was it a rip?
Emily: No. Rips are different.
Carmine: Are you sure it's not a rip? Are we allowed out this far? Mum said-
Emily: We're only going past where the waves break. It's fine.
Jacob: WHOA!
(Dee has grabbed the front of his boogie board.)
-GASP- Is that it!?
Emily: Yep.
Jacob (being towed around): WOOO! Faster! FASTER!!
Carmine (also being towed): It can't hear you, Jacob!
Emily: Heh heh
Phillip: How do I get on?
Maddy: I wanna go too!