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Dee: Me too! I'm terrified! More terrified than I've ever been before. Ever! In billions of years. But what's achieved by reminding ourselves of it?
Emily: It's just that you're doing nothing, and I can't stand it!! You're just sitting there, you're not even trying, you're giving up and it's unbearable!
Dee: It's because I can't do anything, Emily.
Emily: We can try! Something! There's got to be something?
Dee: It's going to happen. No matter what we do.
Emily (getting to her feet): NO! We have to fight it!
Dee: Why? It's futile.
Emily: No it isn't! If it's better to die on your feet than live on your knees, it HAS to be better to die on your feet than die on your knees! You HAVE to fight. It always achieves something, even if it's only the knowledge that you fought. That you didn't do nothing!
Alt text: Do not go gentle!!! Rage, rage!!!!!