↓ Transcript
Emily: Hey, do you think you could find out for me?
Dee: You mean... spy?
Emily: Um yeah.
Dee: I don't really want to do that.
Emily: Oh.
Dee: Besides, aren't you supposed to figure this out for yourself?
Emily: I dunno. It says 'anon'.
Dee: Well, having their name on it would be a bit obvious, wouldn't it?
Emily: Yeah... I don't know. I don't even know if this is genuine.
Dee: Hmm...
Emily: Who would like me? I'm awful. On purpose! What if they're some kind of masochist? I probably don't like whoever this is.
Dee: You don't like anyone.
Emily: I know. And also it says my eyes are fiery. So... maybe that means I'm pissed off at them all the time? But that wouldn't narrow it down...
Dee: If you knew who it was, do you think it would change your opinion of them?