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Dee: The year before you were born, yes?
Emily: Yep. He was on exchange with university. He was 20, I think, or 21. She was nearly 30. They met at some kind of political protest... I think I have a clipping about it somewhere... Anyway, they had a fling, and from what I hear, they liked each other a lot, but it was always just a fling. When it was time for him to go home, it ended. That was always the plan, and a certain bump along the way changed nothing.
Dee: So they didn't mean to... uh...
Emily: Nope. I'm an accident. Mum was going to get an abortion, actually, but then she changed her mind. He didn't. He just buggered off back to Scotland and forgot all about that kid he made.
Dee: You're half Scottish?
Emily: NO.
Dee: But if your dad is-
Emily: NO. Firstly, he's not my dad. Secondly, I'm not Scottish. How could I be? I've never been to Scotland! I've never even met a Scottish person! Half my genes come from a Scot, sure, but culture doesn't work like that! I'm Australian. That's all I know.