↓ Transcript
Dee: But it could have - not been fine - Lock the door, I have to slow them down.
Emily: Slow them-? But we made it already.
Dee: Only because I slowed them down.
Emily: Oh. Do you really think they would have done anything that bad?
Dee: I have no idea what they were going to do. Well... they weren't going to kill you. But...
Emily: I don't think they were going to do much.
Dee: You haven't seen the things I've seen.
Emily: Come on, they're angry ignorant jerks, but all they do is yell stuff. And get in the way. I hate them, but it's no big deal. Sticks and stones, right?
Dee: Oh god. You are so sheltered. Don't think that means you're safe. Now lock the door!
(He teleports away. Emily looks out the window to see the skateboard teens walking away from her house.)