↓ Transcript
(They are on Emily's bed; she is in pyjamas and has messy hair.)
Well... happy birthday.
Emily (holding a small black scrap): Ooh! What's this?
Dee: Fabric from my robe. It's immaterial, so... I don't know, play around with it.
Emily: Oh?
(She stretches the scrap into a scarf, then shakes it out larger, and wraps it around herself like a blanket, then forms sleeves and makes it into a jacket.) Dee: Wow! That's - I'm impressed!
Emily: This is awesome! Thank you! My present for you is much less cool I'm sorry.
Dee: What!? Emily - I - don't -
Dee: But what could I - Ooh! A mini reading light!
Emily: I thought it'd make reading all night easier for you...
Dee (hugging her): Oh, when are you going to stop being so wonderful?
Emily: Haha! Never, I hope!