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Dee: So... sixteen, huh?
Emily: Yup! I'm going to get my learners' permit tomorrow.
Dee: Oh dear... You, on the road? Should I be afraid?
Emily: Hah! Yeah, that's a new one. Oh, and I have to start looking for a job, too...
Dee: A job? You mean... your future career?
Emily: Nah, like a casual job, in a supermarket or something. But I can't think of anything I want as a career, either... What jobs can you think of? Just off the top of your head.
Dee: Off the top of my head? Uhh... Soldier, assassin, farmer..
Emily: What? Soldier, assassin, farmer?
Dee: Yeah, they're probably not jobs you want...
Emily: But those are the first ones that come to mind?
Dee: Hey, you're the one asking Death for job ideas.
Emily: I know! But why farmer?
Alt text: That joke is compulsory when you're learning to drive.