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Dee: ... Of course, I'd forgotten how you like your meat still walking around.
Emily: Ohhh!
Dee: How you prefer eating carrots that are still in the earth, bread made of wheat that's still growing in the paddock...
Emily: Alright, OK, I get it.
Dee: I even carry a scythe!
Emily: I KNOW! I feel stupid now.
Dee: You're not stupid, you're just a rich city kid.
Emily: Hey!
Dee: Well, you are! But anyway, there areother jobs, ones that don't always involve killing people. Like a doctor, or a nurse...
Emily: Haha! I could save people from you!
Dee: Pff! Sure. Good luck with that. Actually... you could be a nursing assistant, couldn't you? In a nursing home, maybe? That can be a casual job, can't it? I see young people doing it, at least. Maybe they're more qualified than I realise.
Emily: No, I think you're right, I could apply for that... I don't really want to be a check out chick, that's for sure...
Someone knocks on Emily's bedroom door: Hey, birthday girl! Stop chatting and get up!
Alt text: 'I went to a farm once! I know stuff!' 'Oh, sorry, yes, clearly you are the expert.'