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I DID, OF COURSE, RUN INTO DEE SOMETIMES. THE FIRST TIME WAS A BIT OVER A MONTH INTO MY EMPLOYMENT. (Emily is conversing with two other staff members in a hallway. She notices through an open door that Dee is in a room beside them.)
Dee (notices her back, then waves): Oh hi!
Emily: Um... excuse me? Elizabeth is dying.
Coworker one: What did you say?
Coworker two: Pardon?
Emily: She, uh, just died.
Dee: ... I'll talk to you later, Em.
Emily: Should I call her family?
Coworker one: What makes you so sure-
Coworker two (going into the room): Elizabeth? Are you awake?
Alt text: Whoops, now they know you're WEIRD, Em.