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Manager: But how did you know? She died that very second... did you hear something?
Emily: No... I just... knew? Somehow? I can't explain it. But there wasn't time to... save her...
Manager: Well... we've got a lot of people reaching their time here. It happens.
Emily: Yeah, I figured.
Manager: But of course, that doesn't mean it's easy, and if you're ever struggling - we have counselling...
Emily: Nah, I'm alright. Honestly. I'm used to death.
(Later on, up a tree)
But why did you speak up!? I just think that was a really stupid thing to do!
Emily: I had to.
Dee: No you didn't!
Emily: I couldn't just stand there and pretend I didn't know what was happening. I couldn't do nothing.
Dee: Why not!? It's really easy! It's not as though you achieved anything anyway.
Emily: I don't care.
Alt text: Once again, Em does a stellar job of assuaging everybody's concerns.