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Emily: Hey! Arsehole!
Skateboard teen: Heh heh!
Dee: I don't suppose you’ll apologise to them, though.
Emily: Of course not. You're not suggesting I should? I haven't wronged them. They've instigated all our encounters.
Dee: No, no, I know that.
Emily: I'm not going to start being nice or anything, you know. I'll just keep my hostility for retaliation. Which I was aiming for anyway, but I messed up today.
Dee: So what were you doing at the start, when you didn't join in?
Emily: Oh, that. I'll show you when we get home. Hey… How many good things can you think of about yourself?
Dee: What? I don't know.
Emily: List them.
Dee: Huh? Why?
Alt text: it'd be funny if that person who graffitied all the toilets at school ever read my comic and saw i borrowed their tag