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Lachlan: And, ah... you're in school?
Emily: Yeah. I'm in year 10.
Lachlan: Ah. ...Do you have many friends?
Emily: Nope. I'm incredibly unpopular.
Lachlan: Oh! That's no good! How?
Emily: Because I'm very unfriendly and do strange things.
Lachlan: Oh.
Emily: What did your- I mean, do you have a family?
Lachlan: Aye, I've a wife and two bairns.
Emily: I have half siblings?
Lachlan: Aye, a brother and a sister.
Emily: Wow. Heck. Do they know about me?
Lachlan: We've not told them yet. We thought we'd... see where things go.
Emily: Ah. What'd your wife think? Did she mind you trying to catch up with your old flames?
Lachlan: Och, no. She loves a good reunion. Bit surprised to hear about you, though.
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