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Ella: Basically, she thought everything would be easier if you didn't have anything to do with your child. But then it was a bit of a catch 22, because she didn't want you to know that. She thought if you didn't want to accept any responsibility, she'd lose too much respect for you. She didn't want our relationship to end on that note. But as I say, I told her she was stupid and couldn't take all the credit for having a baby, since it takes two.
Emily: What would you have done, if you'd known?
Lachlan: Och. I dinna ken. I think... I'd like to think I wouldn't've been a dick about it. We could've sorted something out. I could've waited to be your father 'til you were a wee bit older and I'd graduated, maybe. But then, twenty isna that young...
Ella: No, it's still pretty young, but you were twenty four when she was dying. I don't get why she'd have kept up the lie. That's why I still don't really believe you. There were much more important things at strike than saving face!
Ella (suddenly overcome, putting her head in her hands): God, I wish she was here to thrash this out, or explain herself. I just... I just wish she was here. Sometimes... I still can't believe she's gone....
Alt text: Em's thinking 'I'm twenty in four years. No way am I having kids in four years.'