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Lachlan: Aye. I canna believe it, myself. Louise. She was so... She made the rest of us more alive. I canna believe she went easily.
Ella: Oh, no. She fought it, to the very end.
Emily: No she didn't.
Everyone: ...!?
Emily: She died peacefully.
Ella: No, she was a fighter.
Emily: Not at the end. You weren't there. None of you were there. I was.
Alan: You were four!
Emily: But I remember.
Lachlan: I suppose we all like to think what gives us comfort, don't we?
Emily: Maybe you do. I know for sure, OK? I was there. And I know things! I know what she said when she went!
Ella: She didn't say anything. She died in her sleep.
Emily: Yeah but - she still - I know! You don't -
(Emily storms away.)
Alt text: Here it is, Lachlan, the aforementioned strange behaviour.