↓ Transcript
Dee: Oh.
Emily: And another thing- I'm so angry about all this lying that's been going on, but in the back of my head I just keep thinking - 'You're a hypocrite, you're a hyocrite, look at yourself Emily, you're living a lie!'
Dee: But you have good reason.
Emily: Do I? I don't even know the reason.
Dee: And I'm sure your mum had good reason too.
Emily: Or she thought she did. But is that enough?
Dee: ...
Emily: Augh, so much for cooling off. I should go out there again.
Dee: Oh, is he still here? I haven't been very helpful... sorry...
Emily: You... don't... have to be? I'll see you in a bit.
Dee: Good luck.
(Dee vanishes. Emily straightens up, sighs, and prepares herself to go back to the other conversation.)
Alt text: Why are you apologising? You are under no obligation to be of use to me? I'm mad but I'm mad at everything right now?