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Alan: So - you going to replace me, or what?
Emily: Pff! No. I don't even know if I'll visit him.
Alan: What? Free trip overseas? Not tempted?
Emily: I have to think.
Ella: Take your time! There's no rush! Don't rush her, Alan.
Alan: I'm not rushing her! I'm just saying, an all-expenses-paid - ! Oh, I wonder if he'd let you fly first class?
Emily: Heh!
Ella (off panel): Alan!
Emily: Nah. But it'll be awkward. Especially if he doesn't actually want me to come. After that 'RAARCH I WATCHED MY MOTHER DIE' fit, and all.
Alan: And the talking loudly to yourself.
Emily: Well - yeah. ... I'm sorry.
Alan: What? For what?
Emily: For the - just - all of it. For being so weird. I'm sorry you have to put up with me and you don't really get a say.
Alan: Ah don't worry, we could have dumped you in an orphanage ages ago. It's not like we didn't get warning.
Emily: Haha. You knew I'd be crazy?
Alt text: Spot the references! :D there are three (all but one have previously appeared)