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Alan: Oh, you always were!
Emily: Always?
Alan: Well, what kind of soulless monster isn't upset when their mother dies? That was our first clue.
Ella: Don't say that! She was upset! She grieved!
Alan: I know that, I was kidding! But yeah, it was just, your mum must've explained things really well to you beforehand. I don't know what she said, or how you could explain that so well to anyone, let alone a fout-year-old. Apparently, though, the explanation involved a spooky bugger in a black cloak hacking her up with a scythe. I don't really know why she thought that'd be a comforting image for a small child, but there you go.
Emily: ... what
Alan: Oi, El, you've got that picture somewhere, don't you?
Ella: What, the one Emily drew of the Grim Reaper? Oh, I'm sure I've got it filed away...
Alan: Hehe, I love that picture...
Emily: I what
Emily: Dee! Look at this! IT'S HILARIOUS
Dee (appearing): ?
Alt text: The part of me that went into Alan is my tendency to be too flippant about serious things.