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(Dee looks at the piece of paper Emily has handed him. On it is a childish drawing of three smiling figures, obviously Emily, her mother, and Death.)
Is that...
Emily: It's you! I drew a stupid picture of you when I was four!
Dee: Haha! So much for keeping me a secret.
Emily: No, actually, I never told anybody about you. I was super cunning and forgot to hide that picture, but when Ella and Alan asked I said 'It's a secret'. Haha! They were so confused. They assumed Mum must've told me about the Grim Reaper, since she had to have said something about, you know, 'Mummy isn't going to be around any longer.' And how else would I know? Wait, she probably did anyway, because why wlse would you have been in that form for me?
Dee: Actually, it doesn't work like that. I'm pretty sure embryos don't get any education on cultural depictions of death. And yet -
Emily: You turn up for embryos!?
Dee: Yeah.
Emily: So - what's your opinion on abortions?
Dee: I don't have an opinion on that, and I don't want one. But this is really cute. I like how everyone looks really happy.
Emily: I know right!? I don't even know what's happening there. Is that supposed to be the moment Mum died, or are we all just hanging out like no big deal? Who knows!?